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De Homebox is van hoogwaardige Duitse kwaliteit, welke een lange levensduur garandeert door het gebruik van stevige, hitte- en waterbestendige materialen. 

The Homebox grow tents are known for the high reflection quality on the inside. An optimally reflective lining called PAR + has been specially developed for Homebox. This material ensures that the Homebox grow tents reflect more light and less heat on the plants. At Homebox, they have discovered that other materials reflect more infrared than the plants need. The PAR + reflective inner lining ensures a higher growth rate and a better quality crop.

There are various variants of the Homebox grow tents, namely Homebox Vista, Homebox Evolution, Homebox Ambient and Homebox Homelab. All Homebox grow tents are supplied with a water bowl and an extra fixed tent bottom. The metal tubes have a large bearing capacity and the grow tents are very stable due to the use of reinforced frames, connectors and corners. Because the tents are equipped with the so-called 'OmniFlow Airvents' there is a passive air inlet which ensures that the fresh air is led to the place where it is needed. The sturdy zippers are real 'Total Blackout Zippers', which guarantees that no light comes through.

Homebox Ambient

The Ambient grow tent line from Homebox aims to integrate into the living room for home gardeners. The motto is 'Beige is the new black'. The Homebox Ambient tents are available in different sizes, from the 30 cm wide Q30 model to the 300 cm wide Q300 model.

Homebox Evolution

A renewed design of the Homebox Evolution grow tents makes it even easier to set up the grow tents. The Homebox Evolution tents Q100, Q120 and R240 have a large ventilation panel of up to 25 cm that can be adjusted.

Homebox Vista

The Homebox Vista grow tents are also called 'The look-through tents' by Homebox. Just like the Homebox Ambient tents, these Homebox Vista toes also fit perfectly in the living room. With the help of the large viewing windows you can easily look inside without disturbing the climate in the tent.

Order your own Homebox grow tent before 13:00, because with our excellent service you will receive it at home tomorrow. * So guarantee yourself a lot of breeding pleasure and a rich harvest with this fantastic product!

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