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Homebox growtents

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Homebox growtents are known for their high reflection quality on the inside. An optimal reflecting inside lining named PAR+ was developed just for Homebox. This material makes Homebox growtents reflect more light and less warmth onto the plants. At Homebox they found out that other materials reflect more infrared than the plants really need. The PAR+ reflecting inside lining makes for a higher growspeed and a harvest of higher quality.

There are a variety of different Homebox growtents, Homebox Vista, Homebox Evolution, Homebox Ambient and Homebox Homelab. All Homebox growtents are delivered with a water basin and an extra fixed tent floor. The metal tubes have a big carrying capacity and the growtents are very stable because of the use of reinforced frames, connection pieces and corners. Because the tents are equipped with the so called 'OmniFlow Airvents' there is a passive air inlet which causes fresh air to be guided to where it's needed. The strong zippers are real 'Total Blackout Zippers' which ensures no light will come through.

Homebox Ambient

The Homebox Ambient growtents are made with the goal of integration in the livingroom for home gardeners in mind. The motto is: 'Beige is the new black'. The Homebox Ambient tents are available in different sizes, from the 30cm wide Q30 model to the maximum 300cm Q300 model.

Homebox Evolution

A refreshing subject of the Homebox Evolution growtents makes them even easier to assemble. The Homebox Evolution tents Q100, Q120 and R240 all have a big adjustable ventilation duct of a maximum of 25cm.

Homebox Vista

The Homebox Vista growtents also called "the see through tents" by Homebox themselves. Just like the Homebox Ambient tents these Homebox Vista tents are a perfect fit for the livingroom. Due to the large windows it is easy to take a look on the inside without disrupting the climate in the tent.

If you live in The Netherlands, Belgium or West-Germany and order before 13:00 you will get your Homebox growtent the next day! Give yourself a lot of cultivation fun and a great harvest with this fantastic product!

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