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Pot rond PE 15 ltr
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Pot round PE 15 ltr

Round plastic pot (B) 15 liters of diameter 28cm
Root!t voorgroeikit "wortelsponzen" incl. propagator Root!t voorgroeikit "wortelsponzen" incl. propagator 2
For Growth Kit "root sponges" (38x24x18.5cm) incl propagator (bucket, tray and lid), 24 root sponges, first feed, cuttings gel, scalpel and manual "optimal results with cuttings and seed"
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Welcome to our grow supplies. As an online garden center we naturally offer a wide range of different kinds of cultivation equipment too. In this category you will find our grow tents from brands like Gorilla, Mammoth, Secret Jardin, Budbox and many more, in addition, we ourselves have compiled complete grow tents with everything you need with a grow tent so that you immediately have everything you need to start. We also have different types of pots and seed trays, cultivation systems, meters and testers, and more, all things that you really can't miss out on as a cultivator. In addition, we guarantee the lowest price in the Netherlands for all of these products, if you happen to find a product for a cheaper price somewhere else we would like to hear from you and we will see what we can do.