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GHE Aeroflo

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 simple to use hydroponic system and performant.Le measure 46x46 cm AquaFarm model and has a 45 liter tank for the nutrient solution and an area four times larger than the model Waterfarm culture. 
The perfect tool for beginners - essential to self professionnel.Système for hydroponics. Waterfarm the model has a 15-liter tank for the nutrient solution which reduces the load on your work without compromising on...

GHE is a company founded around 1975 in America by a group of researchers, scientists and technicians. These days GHE is known for its reliability, the quality of the products and their innovation. The technique used is called Aero-hydroponics. The plants grow without a substrate in a perfectly balanced flow of nutrient solution, mixed with oxygen. Due to the flexibility of this system it can be adapted to the majority of situations. This allows you, for example, to use this system from on a farm to even in the middle of a city. At GHE they find environmentally friendly products very important and when possible recycled material will be used.

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