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OCL Armaturen

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One of the top luminaires in our Online Top Garden range are the full luminaires of OCL. The OCL luminaires are available in 3 types, the OCL 600W X Series, the OCL 750W XL Series and the OCL 1000W XXL Series. The OCL fixtures consist of an electronic ballast device with a V53 hammers hood that guarantees a 96% light reflection. Due to the specially developed double open relector, 25% less heat radiation from the luminaire comes down. In addition, all 3 versions are equipped with a Double Ended lamp that benefits from the radiation light. The OCL DE bulbs have proven extremely high Par output, a wider spectrum than the traditional known HPS bulb and a light loss of only 5% per 10000 hours.

The advantages of the OCL fixtures in a row:

- Extremely strong, coarse housing, double protected by applied coating and cooling colloid,
- Ballast that continues to run at 100% under all the various climate conditions
- Low operating temperature and sound in its class
- Easily interchangeable, 96% super reflective V53 Hammerslag reflector
- Ceramic industrial DE fitting
- Free from electromagnetic disturbances
- Suitable for high frequency HPS 400V Horticulture lamps
- Long life: up to 95% light output after 1 year
- Suitable for other industry DE lamps
- Total control over light output, in each growth phase of the crop
- PowerControl ™, StartSmart ™, and low voltage diagnostics
- 25% less heat radiation by specially developed double open reflector

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