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Aptus Plant Care

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Enzyme + is a powerful blend of enzymes, each with a different function. Enzymes make the root surface clean, clean up dead organic matter and root residues to make excess or saturated nutrient salts absorbed again
Enzyme + is a powerful blend of enzymes, each with a different function. Enzymes make the root surface clean

The nutritionline composed by Aptus plant tech belongs to the Créme de la Créme in the professional Agriculture and horticulture. Aptus nutrition Plant Tech strives for perfection in every product they offer, and you will be able to see this in the quality of the products that make for clearly visable grow and bloom results. Aptus nutrition doesn't deliver water, in otherwords heavily diluted nutrition. Everything made by Aptus Plantcare nutrition is highly concentrated. On first sight Aptus might look quite expensive, but this isn't the case. With just one bottle of Aptus you'll be able to make a lot more liters of nutrition than with any other brand of nutrition. For example, with Aptus Regulator 1ltr is enough for up to 6600ltr of nutrient solution. Every part is developed following the latest scientific developments and will be tested carefully according to the standard product values. Aptus Plant Tech guarantees awesome results, but be careful with the dosage, due to the high concentration in Aptus mistakes are made easily. Aptus Plant Tech has a very good "know how" and does a lot of research and developments, these are often done with uneversities and highly recommended test centers. 

100% Organische voeding

An organic nutrition line exists out of active substances from natural sources. Active natural substances are always easier to absorb for a plant than chemical substances. The products made by Aptus contain as much organic active substances as possible and some are even 100% organic. This enhances the quality of the final product  considerably. The Aptus Topbooster, the Aptus Enzymen, en of course Aptus Super PK are used a lot. Also the unique combination of Calcium and Magnesium in 1 bottle is populair. The Aptus "amino acids packing technique" has two benefits, it can be combined into one bottle and is easy to absorb. The Aptus CaMG-Boost is often used during the last weeks for the vitality. The Aptus lose N, P and K are also stuck to the amino acids. Namely the Aptus K-boost is used for bloom or hardening the fruit due to the easy absorbability. Aptus Regulator makes sure that the plant feels almost none to no stress at all. This causes the plant to have less tendency to stretch with high temperatures or big differences in the substrate-humidity. In the grow and early bloom it's good to use this Aptus product to keep the plants small. A bushy plant with short internodes.

Also good to buy when it's humid outside is: Aptus Fungone, preventively against mildew and Botrytis.

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