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Humic-Blast encourages the root system and soil life and also improves the absorption of fertilizers. Humic-Blast improves the soil structure, neutralizes acids and salts in the medium, and increases the water...
Fulvic-Blast contains essential micro-elements that are directly absorbed by the plant. Fulvic-Blast contains high concentrations of fulvic acids which act as a natural chelator. This improves the accuracy of the...

Online Top Garden has a selection of very competetive priced top of the line growth medium selected for you to choose from. We're talking about quality products from among others Bio Nova, Atami, Biobizz, Jiffy and Rootit. Wether you grow using soil, cocos or rockwool, we have it all. We also have cutting dowels and other cutting supplies ready for delivery to you.

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