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Dimlux Xtreme Series Electronische Ballast 230V Dimlux Xtreme Series Electronische Ballast 230V 2
Dimlux Extreme Series

Humidity Sensor TBV Dimlux

2-64 / 4999
Humidity Sensor for Dimlux to accurately read the Dimlux Maxi Controller off. Humidity
DimLux Alpha Optics Add-on...
Dimlux accessoires

DimLux Alpha Optics Add-on short side

DimLux Alpha Optics Add-on korte zijde. Zelfde eigenschappen als de opzet stukken voor de lange zijde, echter zijn deze voor de kopse kant van de Alpha Optics 98 reflector
Alpha Optics 98

Alpha Optics 98

This reflector is designed, in order to ensure. An even better reflection This reflector is designed according to the Single Bounce Clearsight (SBCS) principle and is equipped with Miro Silver mirrors. This is the highest efficiency (98%) achieved all horticultural reflectors available.
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Dimlux is part of the top brands at this point in time if it comes to lighting and is expandable with various gadgets to make and maintain an optimal growroom. Dimlux equals quality and they became a brand with one of the highest reflections available on the market today.The electronic ballast doesn't get as warm as the old ballasts and are combinable with the temperature sensor, a air humidity sensor or even with a co2 sensor by using a Dimlux maxicontroller.