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Davin controllers

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With over 20 years of experience DAVIN offers a comprehensive range of products and security. DAVIN has become used by professional horticulture to novice growers. With over 20 years of product development, the products of DAVIN are of very good quality. All products DAVIN offers have a CEE certificate and most products are IP44 (water resistant).

Obviously there are various products of DAVIN we offer. To start of we have the DAVIN fan controllers, these are fan controllers that ensure that you can determine the speed of the engine with ease.

The DAVIN mini-grower is a complete control panel and comes with an analog water seconds timer and a temperature controller. With this handy device you can for example in a growing tent, easily keep your plants under control without needing more equipment.

There is also a second analog timers made by DAVIN. These timers are multifunctional analog second time clocks to ensure that you can easily send water to your crops over time. Davin also thought of the breeder on a budget. The Low Cost relay box is a time controlled relay box with which various fittings can be switched.

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