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Why are Adjust-A-Wings the best reflectors?

Adjustable double parabola reflector.

Adjusting the reflector is possible using a stainless steel cable through the keyholes in the hood. This causes the hood to be tightened like a bow from wide to a deep radiator. Due to the perfect double parabolas that originate after it's  mounting it has a better and wider distribution of the light and a more even extraction of warmth around the lamp.

Flexible glascoated aluminum

On the inside of the reflectorplate there's a thin, fllexible glas coat applied to the aluminum. Due to this valuable adjustment the aluminum is reflecting 97% and is also protected against corrosion. This makes for a reflection that will stay good for years. Maintanence is easy by just cleaning it with a small cloth and glas cleaner.

Gives wider, more even distribution of light

When adjusting the adjustawings with the cables you can create a deep radiating reflector and a wide radiating reflector. When the lamp is hanging high above the crops a deep radiator is needed to intensly light a big surface. But when the lamp gets closer to to crops the hood needs to be wider to cover a wider surface.
So the hood high above the crops needs to be more bend to create a deep radiator and the closer to the crops (up to 20 cm from the crops) the more the hood needs to be spread, as wide radiator, to also cover the sides of the surface. All this of course in combination with use of the super spreader.

Adjustable lamp mount

While adjusting the reflector the lamp mount can also be adjusted. The vertical adjustable lamp mount makes for a fine tunable area of light coverage. If the hood is set as a deep radiator, so in a bulge on stance 4, the lamp mount should be low, this is without spreader. If the hood is open, so wide, the lamp mount needs to be higher. This is with spreader. For more info see the lamp height instructions

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