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Aphids-0 consists of insects soap from Nitrate Salt and diluted alcohol solutions and is highly effective against insects that are exposed.
A professional biological product from Liechtenstein from root with the active ingredient Fosphite (elictor). The active substance suppresses soil fungi by its unique mechanism of action. 
A professional organic spraying agent from the USA against SPINNING, also takes eggs and larvae of the cotton seed oil also solves the ragje on, with additional wetting and growth promotion. 
Terra Bacts operation is based on microbial processes that stimulate the existing beneficial microorganisms. In addition, Terra Bact also rich in natural trace elements and growth-promoting micro-organisms.
A professional organic spraying agent from the Netherlands for the prevention and suppression of bud rot BUDROT, rust and mildew (mildew usually starts with your intake of fresh air or at the door) with the active...
Velgro is a professional natural product against TRIPS and their eggs and larvae. Velgro comprises potassium salt (organic acid) and Ryania (extract from the wordtelstok of this plant). Velgro has the ability to erode.