Co2 controllers

TechGrow T-Micro CO2 Controller excl. sensor
The smallest controller in the T- series. A complete and very easy to operate CO2controller.Best in its class thanks to its completely digital technique.
TechGrow T-Mini Pro CO2 Controller  incl. sensor
This completely redesigned controller is now easier to use and compatible with many other TechGrow products. The T-Mini Pro measures, controls and displays the CO2 value and registers min/max values. It come with a built-in light sensor to automatically switch between day and night modes. There is no CO2 dispensing during the night.
TechGrow T-1 Pro CO2 Controller  excl sensor
This completely redesigned controller is just as easy to use as the other TechGrow Devices with which it is compatible. The TechGrow T-1 Pro measures and controls the CO2 value in an area. It automatically switches between day and night modes by means of the external sensor.
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