Co2 Growing

CO2 generator Biogreen propaangas 4KW
Climate control

CO2 gas generator Biogreen 4KW

This Co2 Generator OptiClimate is fueled by natural gas or propane and is infinitely adjustable from 1 to 4 KW.
Co2 Boost emmer incl. navul
Co2 Growing

Co2 Boost bucket incl. refill

CO2 Boost is a Veilige en gemakkelijke Manier OM CO2 toe te voegen aan Uw kweekruimte. 
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Cultivating using co2 equals cultivating professionally. We make using co2 affordable and easy. Want to grow your plants using co2? In our web shop you will find everything you need. You can choose a completely assembled co2 regulator or order the parts you need. Are you not sure yet and do you want some more information about co2? You're at the right place, we're always open to answer any question you can come up with.