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Electronic Ballast

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This reflector is designed, in order to ensure. An even better reflection This reflector is designed according to the Single Bounce Clearsight (SBCS) principle and is equipped with Miro Silver mirrors. This is the...

An electronic ballast guides the lamp to a higher frequency which causes the stroboscopic effect of the lamp to not be visable when starting up. The electronic ballast has a better efficiency compared to a normal ballast, this causes it to use 15 to 20% less energy. Examples of this are Dimlux and the Lumatek.


DimLux Extreme serie and Expert series electronic ballasts with electronic ballast are complete armatures which with 400W, 600W or 1000W bulbs and accesssories like the DimLux Maxi controller with co2, humidity and plant temperature sensors the highest light output and grow results are reached. The DimLux can in combination with the Maxi controller be directly connected to the socket without the need of timing devices, relays or a timer. The Maxi Controller can adjust the output to the temperature of the room, in event of an exceedance of the pre-selected temperature the DimLux lamps will automatically be dimmed.


Lumatek, known as one of the purveyors of quality electronic ballasts. The ballasts made by Lumatek are easily dimmable and even boostable with the Super Lumen switch to up to a 10% boost.
The ballasts are even ideal in small rooms, they're lightweight and small in usage, incredibly silent, without noise or vibrations.

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