DimLux Xtreme Series 600 Watt EL UHF Dim button DimLux Xtreme Series 600 Watt EL UHF Dim button 2
Dimlux Xtreme EVSA series

DimLux Xtreme Series 600 Watt 400V EL

By internal voltage conversion suitable for 400Volt EL electronic lamps on a standard 230 connection.
Lumatek 600w 400v Dimmable compleet bekabeld
Besides the possibility to dim the lamps indicates the Lumatek Electronic Ballast well as the possibility to start boosting of the exclusive Super Lumen Switch the output of the ballast by 10%.
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Are you in need of a replacement ballast for your DIY kit or do you have other ideas for a ballast, then you’re at the right place. At Online Top Garden we have a wide range of ballasts for you. We have a big assorment to choose from, we offer ballasts from Dimlux, Lumatek, Master gear, Mari, Philips and many more. The ballasts differ from 250W, 400W, 600W and 1000W. Certainly there is one to fit your needs.

We also offer Dimlux and Lumatek Electronic ballasts.


Dimlux Extreme and Expert series electronic ballast, with electronic ballast (EVG) full fixtures taking 400W, 600W or 1000W bulbs and accessories like the Dimlux Maxi Controller with CO2, humidity and plant temperature sensor you will achieve the highest brightness and the best breeding results. The Dimlux in combination with the Maxi Controller is plugged directly into an electrical outlet without the intervention of timing devices, a relay or a timer. The Maxi Controller can adjust the output to the temperature of the room, if exceeding a preset temperature the DimLux lights are dimmed automatically.


Lumatek, known as one of the purveyors of quality electronic ballasts. The ballasts of Lumatek are easy to dim and also with the Super Lumen Switch to boost output by 10%. the ballasts are even ideal for small spaces, they are light and small in use, extremely quiet, without noise or vibration