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SMS com has been active in the development and manufacture of innovative electronic products in the field of climate, water technology and many other technology types Since 2002. Therefore it comes as no surprise that SMS com delivers products of quality.

SMS Controller & Com Twin Twin Controller Pro
The Twin Controllers by SMS com set themselves apart from the competition by being driven by software while other controllers are often driven mechanically. As a result, the Twin Controller responds differently than the other controllers on the market. After a quick scan of +/- 5 minutes the twin controller has a calculation for the speed of your extractors. The Twin Controller Pro is almost the same as the normal Twin Controller but sets itself apart with an additional light sensor, it ensures that once it’s dark the twin controller is transferred to another software program.

SMS Com hybrid controller
These hybrid controllers make use of a computer-controlled temperature sensing technology, along with a mechanical system for the speed control of the fans. Specifically designed to maintain a constant room temperature, and to keep the air flow under control at all times, it is the ideal controller. They also are completely buzz and hum free.

SMS Com all-in-one switch boxes
These all in one switch boxes are software controlled controllers for lights, fans and heaters. Equipped with a Grässlin timer the switchbox SMS com makes use of a digital switching technology that makes the  "sticking" of relays history.

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