Plagron Power Roots 500ml

Plagron Power Roots 500ml

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Everything begins and ends with nature. In America, we know that for some time.

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Plagron Power Roots 500ml

Everything begins and ends with nature. In America, we know that for some time. renowned universities were given the demonstrable results., after years of research to this healthy conclusion, which quickly spread to the leading Dutch horticulture that there you go was fond

The influence of Roots is as astounding, since this vitalising liquid ensures better and faster root development, enhanced acid absorption and faster ion transport.

By administering Roots in the right dosage only occurs in virtually all plants not a strong root development, but also a very high resistance and maximum performance of the plants, while a minimal use to be fertilizer.

Roots works economically and quickly, both in leaf and via the growth medium is virtually directly absorbed and it can do its job. Roots can be mixed with all fertilizers and pesticides.

Roots consists among others of:

7.2% humic acids, kelp 3%, 3% and 0.3% thiamine metabolide

Use when re:

1% in water, water copiously



2% in water, 2 to 3 minutes dipping

(plants containing water 30 sec)

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