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With the Bluelab Multimedia pH meter you can easily measure the pH value of the soil, coconut, rock wool, or other media types. The Bluelab Multimedia pH meter has a fast sensor response and shows direct measurements...
Reliable, clean, and fast are the words that at this pH and EC meter from Bluelab combination passes. 1 meter for both pH and EC so you always can do a measurement of pH and EC soon

Everyone knows the phrase; To measure is to know! But then with the correct measuring equipment! And that's exactly what Bluelab guarantees! Bluelab is one of the market leaders with measuring equipments. With their simple yet professional meters, they are suitable for any measurement.

One of the Bluelab crown jewels is the Bluelab Guardian pH and EC meter, this is a continuous meter of both the PH and the EC as well as the temperature. In addition, he even gives an alarm in big differences.

In addition to the 2 larger meters, the Bluelab Guardian and the Bluelab Combo meter pH and EC, you also have the smaller brothers like the Bluelab pH pen and the Bluelab EC pen. These are handy "portable" pens that allow you to perform a clear measurement at any time.

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