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120x120x200 Homebox Ambient Q120 Lumatek Attis 300 Complete grow tent

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120x120x200 Homebox Ambient Q120 Lumatek Attis 300 Complete grow tent

The Homebox is of high German quality, which guarantees a long life through the use of sturdy, heat and water resistant materials. This grow tent is the perfect environment for a successful and safe cultivation and ideal for cultivation on earth.

Due to the water-resistant floor, the pots can be placed directly on the floor. When used in combination with the recommended materials, the Homebox gives your plants ample headroom. The space in which you place this grow tent turns into a professional grow room.

All parts of this grow tent are replaceable. The Homebox has loops for the inlets and outlets, ventilation windows and a thick, reflective PE lining. The frame consists of a metal structure equipped with a click-proof, strong corner lock. Once connected, the grow tent is practically light-tight and therefore completely sealed. The durable stitched zippers are, as usual, the trademark of the Homebox products.

- Optimal reflective PAR + internal coating for better growth and higher yields

  • Size: 120 x 120 x 200 cm
  • Growth area: 1.44 m2
  • Tube A: + 100 mm, 3 times
  • Tube B: + 160 mm, 2 times
  • Tube C: + 200 mm, 2 times
  • Tube D: + 250 mm
  • OmniFlow-Airvent: 200 mm, 2 times
  • Maximum Capacity: 75 kg

Lumatek Attis 300W

With the advancement in technology and fixture performance, high quality LED horticultural lighting is now a credible option offering growers a significant return on investment. Lumatek full spectrum horticultural LED solutions balance light quality (spectra) with light amount (intensity and duration) sufficient to provide a single source illumination for the entire growth cycle from vegetative to flowering period.

The Lumatek Attis series is a range of full spectrum LED grow lights with the highest BIN quality LUMLED LEDs and dimmable Lumatek drivers. Available in 300 W (1 m²) and 200 W (0.8 m²) versions, this lightweight fixture is ideal as a single light source or as additional grow lighting for propagation, vegetative and flowering growth periods of indoor crops.

The array of LEDs provide a uniform light distribution at close range from the crop, allowing the canopy to penetrate well without hot spots and excessive heat. The innovative heat sink and the use of passive natural convection have eliminated the need for a fan, reducing noise levels and significantly extending fixture life as it has no moving parts.

The Attis is a very efficient grow light. The 300W model that produces 690 µmol / s PPF with an efficiency of 2.3 µmol / J (fixture efficiency) is ideal for a grow area of ​​1 x 1 m (1m²).

Full spectrum

Lumatek LED grow light solutions use a mix of white, deep red and far red LEDs to produce a highly efficient light source that is calibrated to provide high intensity, stable and uniform output for optimal light absorption.

Previous generations of LED grow lights used a mixture of royal blue and deep red LEDs to address chlorophyll absorption peaks. While these solutions worked properly, they lacked important spectra for high-quality plant growth, lacked penetration through dense canopy, and caused poor visibility when inspecting and maintaining grow rooms.

Passive cooling

Lumatek's innovative design and advancement in LED technology has produced a powerful LED grow light with passive convection cooling. This fanless design means no moving parts, so Lumatek LED luminaires are extremely robust with a long lifespan and quiet operation.


  • High efficiency 2.3 µmol / J;
  • High PPF output for high intensity 690 µmol / s;
  • High quality Lumatek LED drivers;
  • LEDs of the highest BIN value;
  • Balanced full spectrum;
  • Compact design ideal for a cultivation area of ​​1 m²;
  • Fully dimmable;
  • Plug & Play.

Main specifications:

  • Efficacy: 2.3 µmol / J;
  • PPF: 690 µmol / s;
  • Input voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz;
  • Power consumption: 300W;
  • Area: 1 x 1 m;
  • Waterproof and dustproof: IP20;
  • Lifespan: 60,000 hours;
  • Light distribution: 110 °;
  • Light source: LEDs;
  • Diode Ratio: White - 87.6%, Red 8.4%, Far Red 4%;
  • Diodes efficiency: dark red 660 NM - 3.1 mmol / J, white - 2.9 mmol / J;
  • Dimmable: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%;
  • Thermal management: Passive;
  • Power factor:> 0.95;
  • Weight: 5.2 kg;
  • Dimensions: 558.2 x 558.2 x 86.8 mm;
  • Spectrum: full spectrum +;
  • Warranty: 3 years.

Included Items:

  • 1 x Attis 300W LED Fixture (including LED driver and dimmer);
  • 1 x power cable;
  • 2 x metal wire hangers;
  • 1 x Instruction Manual.
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