CannaBoost Accelerator 1 liter

CannaBoost Accelerator 1 liter

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Canna Boost Accelerator 1 liter

Canna boost Accelerator is an incredibly strong bloom stimulator as a flower of your plants and provides a nice end result with an increased yield. This bloom stimulator, called Canna boost Accelerator, is made from various flower regulators that support the plants to dose all energy, so that the maturation will flow smoothly.

The plants receive extra energy from the bloom stimulators in this additive and will therefore give better flowers and fruits. The flowers and fruits will be firmer, bigger and fuller in taste.

Because the photosynthesis is increased by cannaboost, it significantly increases the sugar production in fruit formation. This process provides a much fuller and sweeter taste which is of course very desirable for the end user.

Thanks to the use of Cannaboost Accelerator, the plants are stronger and healthier, but in combination with Canna PK 13-14, Cannaboost works perfectly. Because PK 13-14 contains phosphorus and potassium, the plant is turned to bloom that becomes even more beautiful as soon as Cannaboost is added to the food. You will be amazed by the result and always take this into account in your growth schedule.


Shake well before use; Administer in the ratio 1: 500 (20 ml per 10 liters of tap water);

For possible extra flowering power, maximum concentration 1: 250 (40 ml per 10 liters of tap water);

Cannaboost Accelerator can be used in combination with all other Canna products;

Never give simultaneously with hydrogen peroxide products;

Dilute diluted solution within 7 days;

Cannaboost Accelerator can be administered manually, via drip irrigation and / or via leaf irrigation (ratio 1: 500);

Cannaboost Accelerator administration in combination with regular plant food.

Other instructions

Cannaboost Accelerator is not a power supply, so also no replacement for Canna PK 13/14. Use Cannaboost Accelerator combined with Canna PK 13 / 14 for optimal results.

Administer cannaboost in combination with regular plant food

Keep frost-free, closed and dark

Keep out of reach of children

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