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Dimmer & Controllers

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The DCS series gives you the perfect solution to control your environment and control. Very simple to use, Plug & Play with preset values. 
The EZ-CO2 climate controller, it is possible to control the climate in a closed space and to control. The connected equipment is turned on and off at the right times.
The EZ-TL sensor measures the temperature and humidity. This sensor is fine if used in large area's 2nd sensor  The sensor is equipped with a 5 meter long "cut resistant" cable with screw fixed connector.

Dimmers and fan controllers are essential for a good breeding space. With a dimmer you can include running your aspirators at a desired speed. By connecting a dimmer with a thermostat, when the temperature gets too high it will make your extractor run faster in order to restore the temperature to the desired height. By using a fan controller in cooperation with your fans, you can easily determine the speed of the fans with a dial. This can also be connected to a thermostat, this way you get the same idea as the extractors. We offer dimmers and controllers from a variety of different brands on our website, we have among others Cli-mate, SMS com, DAVIN and Variac. Take a look through our dimmers and controllers to see if there is anything that fits your needs. 

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