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(luxe) 120x120x215 Phantom Deluxe 600 Watt Complete Grow tent (EVSA Lumii)

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(luxe) 120x120x215 Phantom Deluxe 600 Watt Complete Grow tent (EVSA Lumii)

With this complete grow tent you are all set to start your indoor grow! This ideal set consists of the Phantom Delux grow tent in combination with, among other things, the self-build set Lumii Black.

The Phantom Deluxe grow tents are also called revolutionary. You can look at your crops without opening a door or window using the large window in the Phantom Deluxe tent. As a result, the climate inside the tent is not disrupted and therefore the cultivation process is not disrupted.

The Phantom grow tents have a good price-quality ratio, with 600D they are stronger and more wear-resistant than the thickness of 190D or 220D of other brands of grow tents. The inside of the Phantom grow tents are bright white, so that the lighting is optimally reflected in contrast to a silver inside.

The features of the Phantom Deluxe grow tents are:

  • a large lockable transparent window
  • 600D extra durable tent cloths
  • Double air holes
  • Extra high
  • A bright white interior
  • A double hanging system
  • Double water bowl
  • Thicker solid tent poles of the best quality 19MM
  • 100% light-tight lockable

Digital DIY kit 600W Lumii + Lumii Black + Hammer cap (deluxe)

The LUMii Dimmable ballast is a fully electronic ballast, available in 600w (dimmable to 250 and 400w). This technology is microprocessor controlled and operates at a higher frequency (Hertz) than the standard magnetic ballast, which means more light is sent to your plants. It is also more efficient which means more output per watt of power consumption. The LUMii Dimmable Ballast is dimmable and also has a boost setting for each lamp size so you can control the light output.

The LUMii Dimmable ballast is one of the quietest on the market, without hum or vibration. It's also one of the smallest and coolest running ballasts out there. The LUMii Dimmable is very light, a 600W is only 3kg, compared to 8kg for a 600W magnetic ballast.

The LUMii Dimmable ballasts have built-in safety features that protect the unit circuit if a short circuit is detected. When the ballast detects an abnormal input or output voltage due to an old or damaged bulb, it will not attempt to ignite the bulb.

The LUMii Dimmable ballast is covered with resin on the inside, thus protecting against dust ingress into the components and ensuring even heat distribution, meaning there is no fan.

Lumii Black HPS lamp 600W

The LUMii BLACK lamp is a 600 W Dual Spectrum, high pressure sodium lamp (HPS) with an E40 socket. Perfect for stimulating enhanced blooms, it offers 20,000 hours of life and 88,000 lumens.

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