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80x80x180 Phantom Deluxe + Telos 6 Pro Led Complete Grow tent

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80x80x180 Phantom Deluxe + Telos 6 Pro Led Complete Grow tent

Phantom grow tent 80 deluxe 80x80x180cm

The Phantom Deluxe grow tents are also called revolutionary. You can look at your crops without opening a door or window using the large window in the Phantom Deluxe tent. As a result, the climate inside the tent is not disrupted and therefore the cultivation process is not disrupted.

The Phantom grow tents have a good price-quality ratio, with 600D they are stronger and more wear-resistant than the thickness of 190D or 220D of other brands of grow tents. The inside of the Phantom grow tents are bright white, so that the lighting is optimally reflected in contrast to a silver inside. In combination with LED grow lights such as a Telos 6 Pro LED, this also works perfectly.

The features of the Phantom Deluxe grow tents are:

  • A large lockable transparent window
  • 600D extra durable tent cloths
  • Double air holes
  • Extra high
  • A bright white interior
  • A double hanging system
  • Double water bowl
  • Thicker solid tent poles of the best quality 19MM
  • 100% light-tight lockable


At Onlinetopgaden you will find the new showpiece when it comes to LED lighting; the TELOS 6 PRO is an extremely high-quality LED lamp for a decent price at last! GNUK (the company behind Telos) has been designing and making LED lighting for 10 years, Telos has also been the market leader in LED lighting in the United Kingdom for 4 years.

All parts of the lamp, except for the plug (Wieland from Germany) and the LED strips (Osram from South Korea or China) are made and assembled in the UK (Made in Britain). The lamps are designed for maximum light distribution; so NO hot spots and NO cold spots !!

We indicate the total PPF (that what comes out of the lamp) in our communication as measured in the independent institute LIA (see appendix), and therefore not the calculated PPF (what the LED produces under 100% efficiency that only in the factory is collected), which indicates the manufacturer of the LED strips;

The consumption of the lamp is only 175W and you can easily cover 80x80 cm. When using several lamps, they can easily be looped through using the h-CONNECTOR. If the lamp is defective, the defective module can be easily disassembled and replaced with a new one.

Values ​​TELOS 6 PRO:

Power: 175 W.

Weight: 4.0 KG

Efficiency: 2.4 μmol / joule

Output: 703 μmol / s

Lifespan: 85,000+ hours

Warranty: 3 years

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