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55 liter Alien Bubbler
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55 liter Alien Bubbler

The 55 litre Bubble is ideal for growing one enormous plant in a 1x1m or 1.2x1.2m tent.
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Alien Hydroponics bubble bucket systems use Deep Water Culture technology, a method used to grow plants with the roots submerged in a highly ogygenated nutrient solution. Alien Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) systems are innovative, heavy duty design systems for those who want to grow fewer, but larger plants. By using an RDWC system, you can optimise your plants maximum growth potential due to the super oxygenated nutrient solution that is constantly recirculating around the system by an inline pump. The inline pump creates a current that draws the nutrient solution through the pots, both cooling and mixing the nutrients. The current also delivers the vital nutrients to the roots, increasing nutrient uptake efficiency and optimising rooth health. Roots will develop extremely fast, resulting in enormous and very wealthy plants.  Another great benefit: PH and EC levels are continiously maintained, due to the high volume of water that is contained and circulated in the system. Take a look at the products below to get more specific product information. Do you have a set-up in mind that is not displayed in the products below? Please let us know, there is a big chance we can order it custom made.